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Innovative Integration of Hardware and Software Opens New Era of Aerospace Regulatory and Semiconductor Testing
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Following the SAS1000 Solar Array Simulation Software, BSS2000 Pro Battery Simulation Software, FCS3000 Fuel Cell Simulation Software, ITECH will officially launch two new professional software, namely:

APS4000 Simulation Software for Power System of Aerospace and Ship

SPS5000 Semiconductor Parametric Test Software

With the release of these two softwares, ITECH will comprehensively upgrade its testing solutions in the three major professional fields of aviation, heavy ship building industry and semiconductors, bringing a new testing experience to users.


Simulation Software for Power System of Aerospace and Ship

APS4000 Simulation Software for Power System of Aerospace and Ship is mainly used for certification testing of on-board electrical equipment in the aviation andmarine fields.

Unlike traditional test solutions, APS4000 is equipped with ITECH's latest generationof high power density grid simulator IT7800 and IT7900P series (3U up to15kVA), its hardware unit with AC, DC, AC + DC and DC + AC multiple modes and a powerful waveform simulation capabilities, which can fully simulate the complex power supply system of the new generation of multi-electric/all-electricaircraft, such as single/three-phase constant-frequency 400Hz, single/three-phase broad band 360Hz-800Hz, 28V DC low-voltage, and 270V DC high-voltage.

In addition, the professional APS4000 software directly built-in the main stream aviation regulations and standards, testers only need four steps to complete the professional aviation regulations certification test, saving the huge workload of researching regulations and editing output.

The full series includes a total of four models, and the built-in regulations are detailed as follows:



Semiconductor Parametric Test Software

SPS5000 Semiconductor Parametric Test Software is used in conjunction with the IT2800 series of high-precision source/measurement units, which is designed to help university laboratories and semiconductor companies to quickly realize semiconductor device calibration, device electrical performance parameters and I-V characteristics test research.

The SPS5000 software provides built-in structural models of MOSFETs, BJTs, Diodes,and other double-ended devices, as well as ready-to-use test items for each type of device, such as breakdown voltages, input/output characteristics, and transfer characteristics, which greatly speeds up the process of semiconductor device characterization. The software also provides intuitive graphical displays and on-line data analysis for clear and intuitive presentation of test results, making it the ideal choice for test and laboratory use.

The release of APS4000 Simulation Software for Power System of Aerospace and Ship and SPS5000 Semiconductor Parametric Test Software also declares that ITECH'stest solutions in the field of aviation and marine and semiconductor are more comprehensive, powerful and intelligent, and will deeply cover the regulatory testing of aviation airborne electrical equipment as well as the automated testing needs of various semiconductor devices, and help the industry's technological innovation.

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