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Comprehensive upgrade--ITECH provides more accurate current source function for battery AC impedance test
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ITECH IT7800 high-power programmable ACpower supply, IT7900 regenerative power grid simulator, and IT7900Phigh-performance regenerative power grid simulator will be fully upgraded inthe near future for free - the new current source function will be added tofurther improve the functionality and applicability of the products. The newfunction can provide users with more accurate, stable and automatic currentoutput to meet users' testing needs in different fields and improve testingefficiency and accuracy.

A current source is a power supply devicethat can provide a constant current to the load and keep the output currentstable even when the external grid power supply fluctuates and the impedancecharacteristics change. In order to further reduce the test cost of customers,ITECH has combined the functions of AC source and current source into one,customers can test more easily, and there is no need to purchase differentpower supplies for different types of test equipment, thus saving test costs.

*IT7900P AC source function selectioninterface*


Current Source Mode Advantages

The upgraded current source mode has strongadaptability and can work in multiple modes such as single-phase,reverse-phase, AC and AC+DC. At the same time, its maximum voltage can reach700V, which can control the output current more accurately, further improvingthe stability and precision of the product. This also makes ITECH AC sourcesbetter adapt to various high-voltage and high-current applications, improvingthe performance and reliability of the circuit.


The current source mode also has moreabundant and diversified functions, which can meet various types ofconventional and dynamic test requirements. Among them, the normal function isused to simulate conventional current output, while the LIST function can editcustom waveforms to meet the simulation needs of engineers for complex currentwaveforms. In addition, this current source mode also has comprehensivewaveform editing and customization functions, which is convenient for users tocustomize the current waveform they need.

*AC+DC mode, AC20A+DC30A, 50Hz*

*Current limit 10A, enter the current loop*

The upgraded IT7800 high-power programmableAC power supply, IT7900 regenerative grid simulator, and IT7900Phigh-performance regenerative grid simulator have stable and reliable output incurrent source mode, and can simulate various loads, such as laser drivers,LEDs, motors, etc. Users can quickly deploy and use related test functions suchas frequency scanning with a maximum frequency of 2400Hz, charge and discharge,and AC impedance to improve test efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, itis also equipped with a variety of safe and reliable protection mechanisms toensure the safety of the equipment and optimize the design of the system.

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