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Tiny but Mighty, IT-M series Launches New Product Again
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ITECH launched its first m-series product, IT-M3100, in 2019. In the past three years, M series has had 10 series of products, and will soon launch the 11th series IT-M3100D. It is also the first dual-channel DC power supply of M-series-- IT-M3100D series.

The M series is a product with cutting-edge technology launched by ITECH, featuring "compact structure" and "high power density". It is known that ITECH's M series not only has a new look, but also makes innovations in product technology. From the perspective of industry application, it provides users with more complete and innovative solutions. M series includes DC power supply, AC power supply, bidirectional DC powersupply, regenerative power system, regenerative electronic load, high precision DC power supply and many other products, which give users a wide range of choices to meet the diverse testing demands.

M series ultra-compact wide range dc power supply break through the traditional shackles, only ½1U in the ultra-compact size, not only can output high power, but also has high performance and multi-function at the same time. The flexible modular architecture enables multiple stacks by cleverly designing "leg" plugs, and with the rack mount kit for perfect use. This series helps engineers create and implement test technology advancements more quickly, more accurately.

IT-M family introduction:

DC Power Supply

IT-M3100 Ultra-compact Wide Range DC Power Supply

IT-M3100 Ddual-channel programmable DC power supply

IT-M3200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply

IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System

IT-M3900 BSeries Regenerative power system

IT-M3900C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-M3900D High power DC power supply

AC Power Supply

IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply

DC Electronic Load

IT-M3300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load

IT-M3800 Series Regenerative DC electronic load

The upcoming IT-M3100D dual-channel programmable DC power supply, only 1U halfrack, provides fully isolated dual-channel output. There are four models are:IT3131D (30V/15A/200W*2CH), IT3141D(30V/15A/400W*2CH), IT3132D(60V/10A/200W*2CH)and IT3142D (60V/10A/400W*2CH), make up for the market for ultra-compact volume and wide range of output dual-channel DC power supply demand.

The traditional multi-channel power supply is generally limited to the synchronization of the internal channels of the machine,which can not meet the output consistency between multiple instruments. When users need more channels to test, they are often helpless, and the test efficiency and results cannot be guaranteed. IT - M3100D dual channel programmable dc power broke through the bondage, adopts an independent multi-channel design, which makes it easy to connect between the power.

IT-M series is a great breakthrough in the history of ITECH products, raising the waveof “Disruptive Technology". The unique "Lego-style" design andrich communication interfaces, making M series an excellent partner for system integration. IT-M series is triggering the change and bring more user-friendly experience to engineers. Know more about IT-M series family, please visit ITECH website https://www.relentlessconsultinggroup.com.

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