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Classic upgraded again, the new IT8700P+ high-speed multi-channel electronic load full debut!
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Fully upgraded voltage!

High-speed multi-channel electronic load IT8700P+

ITECH IT8700P+ Multi-Channel ElectronicLoad Series

The voltage is fully upgraded.

Master-slave parallel can be supported between modules.

Different modules can also be mixed and matched for synchronization.


Double version, multiplemodels

IT8700P+ modules are divided into single-channel and dual-channel versions.

There are 9 models in the whole series.

IT8722P+ (150V/ 20A/ 2x250W) and IT8722BP+(600V/ 15A/ 2x250W) are with dynamic power distribution function.

Maximum 250W per channel.

The total power of two channels does not exceed 300W.


High performance

The IT8700P+ module has a faster dynamic response and can achieve a minimum current rise time of < 10μs;

Lower on-resistance, suitable for low voltage load test;

Faster loop speed can precisely control the current without overshoot, improving test efficiency;

Three-stage current range, higher precision and lower ripple;

The voltage and current measurement speed is upgraded to 250kHz;

Built-in LAN, USB and RS232 interfaces,support SCPI protocol, more conducive to system integration.


Multiple applications

It is suitable for research and development of super capacitors, fuel cells, lithium batteries, high-speed AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies, such as graphics card power supplies and communication power supplies, and test production of production lines.

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