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ITECH Product

-DC Power Supply

Solar Array Simulator

IT-N2100 Series Solar Array Simulator

Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supply

IT-M3900B Regenerative Power System

IT-M3900C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply

IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System

IT6000B Regenerative Power System

IT6000C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

High PowerDC Power Supply

IT-M3900D High Power DC Power Supply

IT6000D High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6500 Wide-range High-power DC Power Supply

Lower Power Bench DC Power Supply

IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6800A/B Dual-range Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6800A/B Single Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6700H Wide Range High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6700 Digital-control DC Power Supply

Multichannel DC Power Supply

IT-M3100D Dual-channel Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-M3100 Ultra-compact Wide Range DC Power Supply

IT6300 Triple Channels DC Power Supply

High Precision DC Power Supply

IT-N6900 Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-M3200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6400 Bipolar DC Power Supply / Battery Simulator

IT6900A Wide-range Programmable DC Power Supply

IT6100B Programmable DC Power Supply

-AC Power Supply

High Voltage AC Power Supply

IT7800 High Power Programmable AC Power Supply

High Voltage Series

IT7900 Regenerative Grid SimulatorHigh Voltage Series

Lower Power Bench AC Power Supply

IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable

AC Power Supply

IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply

Grid Simulator                          

IT7900E Regenerative Grid Simulator

IT7900EP High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

IT7900P High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator

IT7900 Regenerative Grid Simulator

High Power AC Power Supply

IT7800E High Power Programmable AC Power Supply

IT7800 High Power Programmable AC/DC Power Supply

IT7600 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply

-DC Electronic Load

Regenerative DC Electronic Load

IT-M3800 Regenerative DC electronic load

IT-M3300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load

IT8000 Regenerative DC Electronic Load

Lower Power Bench DC Electronic Load

IT8500G+ Programmable DC Electronic Load

IT8800 High Power DC Electronic Load

IT8500+ Programmable DC Electronic Load

IT8211 Digital Control DC Electronic Load

High Power DC Electronic Load                        

IT8400 High Performance DC Electronic Load

IT8900A/E High Performance High Power DC Electronic Load

Multichannel DC Electronic Load

IT8700P+ High Speed Multi-channel DC Electronic Load

IT8700P Multi-channel Programmable DC Electronic Load

IT8700 Multi-channel DC Electronic Load

LED Load Simulator

IT8912E LED Test Programmable DC Electronic Load

-AC Electronic Load

Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load

IT8200 Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load

Low Power Bench AC/DC Electronic Load            

IT8600 AC Electronic Load


-Source Measure Unit

IT2800 Graphical Source Measure Unit

           -Power Meter

                       IT9100 Power Meter

-Battery Tester

IT5100 Battery Tester

-Test System

ITS9500 Power Supply Test System

ITS5300 Battery Charge&Discharge Test System

Automotive Junction Box Test System

Portable AC Charging Device Test System

Charging Station / Car Charger Test Solution

IT9380 Solar Battery Test Software



SPS5000 Semiconductor Parametric Test Software

APS4000 Simulation Software for Power System of Aerospace and Ship

FCS3000 Fuel Cell Simulation Software

BSS2000/BSS2000Pro Battery Simulation Software

SAS1000 Solar Array Simulation Software

Options & Accessories

IT-E185 Power Meter Fixture

Internal Resistance Tester Test Line

IT-E500 Power Dissipator

IT-E255A/M Quick Charger Controller


ITECH Solutions

PV/Energy Storage

Electric Vehicle


Battery recycling

Automotive Electronics

Semiconductor / IC


Power Supply

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