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SAS1000 Solar Array Simulation Software
ITECH launches latest high speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply, adopting high power DC power supply equipped with SAS1000/L solar array simulation software can accurately simulate the solar array I-V curve, maximum voltage up to 2250V, power can be extended to 1152kW. It is with fast response time, control, repeatability, high stability, precision and other characteristics. Built-in EN50530 / Sandia / NB/T32004 / CGC/GF004 / CGC/GF035’s SAS model that can easily program test regulations, materials, Vmp, Pmp parameters, so as to simulate I-V curve characteristic output and generate reports, and can be applied in test the static & dynamic maximum power tracking performance of photovoltaic inverters.

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Product Features

♦ Automatic wide range output, the voltage up to 2250V

Power up to 1152kW
 solar array simulate I-V function (Built-in I-V curve mathematical formula)
 Simulate the output characteristics of various solar cell (monocrystalline silicon cell, polysilicon cell, thin film cell) (Fill Factor)
 Simulate I-V curve under different temperature and irradiation
♦ Simulate I-V curve for solar panel under shadow
 Static & dynamic MPPT efficiency test
 Built-in EN50530 / Sandia / NB/T32004 / CGC/GF004 / CGC/GF035 test program, and generate reports
 Graphical software interface, real-time test and display MPPT state of PV inverter
 Auto program control 100 I-V curves via Voc, Isc, FF, Pm and other parameter points
 100 * 128 points curves and 4096 points precise programming control
 Support output impedance setting function
 Support various mode edge independent set, adjustable rising and falling time
 Two-way current seamless switching, suitable for fast cell charge and discharge
 Built-in DIN 40839 & ISO-16750-2
 Standard USB/RS232/GPIB/LAN (LXI compliant) interface
 Support up to 20 solar cell power supplies for multi-channel MPPT testing 


 Design & verify the MPPT circuit and algorithm of the PV inverter
 Verify the MPP voltage range and the full load MPP voltage range of the inverter
♦ Verify static maximum power tracking efficiency of the PV inverter
 Verify the MPPT performance of the inverter for dynamic curves (Built-in EN50530,Sandia,NB/T32004,CGC/GF004, CGC/GF035)
 Verify the inverter starting voltage and the maximum input voltage, the maximum input current and other electrical parameters
 Verify the MPPT mechanism of the inverter for the I-V curve when the solar cell is shaded by clouds or trees.
 Test inverter DC terminal OVP, OPP
♦ Verify micro-grid control center and control function of photovoltaic energy storage system
 Verify the MPPT performance of the inverter from early morning to night fall
♦ Verify the total efficiency and conversion efficiency of the inverter with IT9100 power analyzer

Functions and Advantages

High speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply

ITECH high speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply, adopting high-speed high-performance high-power DC power supply equipped with SAS1000 solar array simulation software, involves more than 200 models with wide voltage and current range, the output up to 2250V, 2040A. A machine can cover a wide range of application requirements, easy to choose the required models for users. Photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply supports edge time independent set for each mode, has double quadrant current seamless switching function, and supports OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, Vsense reverse and other protection functions.

Graphical software interface

ITECH high speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply has graphical software interface, users can easily use the software to output, measure, display the maximum power tracking status of photovoltaic inverter in real time and record value. Built-in EN50530 / Sandia and other five kinds of regulatory testing procedures, it is convenient for users to test the static and dynamic MPPT performance of PV inverters and generate reports, so as to compare with competitors' results. Solar simulation power supply also provides the shadow and table mode, the user can enter the 128 ~ 4096 points array to edit any shielded IV curve to achieve dynamic shadow effect and also can store 100 I-V curves under different irradiation and temperature to test the long-term maximum power tracking performance of photovoltaic inverters under different climatic conditions.

Simulate the output characteristics of various solar cell (FILL FACTOR)

Since solar cell utilization is not only related to its internal characteristics, but also related to weather, season, temperature, irradiation, cloud cover, rain and snow and other factors, solar cell has different I-V characteristics in different periods. Therefore, PV inverter must have a strategy to adjust real-time working point of the solar cell to make it always work in the vicinity of the maximum power point, this process is called MPPT. ITECH high speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply can be used to directly simulate various real-life solar cell arrays in a laboratory test environment to test the static & dynamic MPPT performance of photovoltaic inverters.

Static & Dynamic MPPT performance test

MPPT tracking performance is a very important specification of PV inverter, PV inverter needs a built-in MPPT mechanism to track real-time maximum output power of solar cell. Therefore, some of the industry's organizations have defined some "standard" test patterns to match all kinds of inverters, which allows inverter manufacturers to test and improve MPPT performance. Build-in MPPT test program of EN50530、SANDIA、NB/T32004、NB/T32004、CGC/GF004, users can set their own Vmp, Pmp, materials and other parameters, test run time and maximum run power percentage, the I-V curve and the real-time trace process are displayed on the screen to verify MPPT performance of the PV inverter, record the data during the whole test and generate report.

Shield I-V curve simulation(Shadow Mode)

ITECH high speed high performance photovoltaic / solar simulation power supply can help users to complete the solar array output simulation under different shadow modes, test and track real-time maximum power and performance test of the PV array. Providing various Module for the user to choose according to different supplier, users can also build their own PV module.  User can define irradiation and temperature parameters of shadow, cell string set, parallel quantity and dynamic shielding the moving direction of the cloud, initialization time, running time and the time interval of cloud moving

Options & Accessories
  • AC power cord (accessory)
    AC power cord (accessory)
  • USB
    For USB port communication
  • CD (accessory)
    With user manual and communica...
  • IT-E31220-OO (Optional)
    120A/2m/round terminal, a pair...
  • IT-E30615-OO (Optional)
    60A/1.5m/round terminal, a pai...
  • IT-E32420-OO (Optional)
    240A/2m/round terminal, a pair...
  • IT-E32410-OO (Optional)
    240A/1m/round terminal, a pair...
  • IT-E33620-OO (Optional)
    360A/2m/round terminal, a pair...
  • IT-E30110-AB (Optional)
    10A/1m/Alligator clip - Banana...
  • IT-E30110-BB (Optional)
    10A/1m/Banana plug - Banana pl...
  • IT-E30110-BY (Optional)
    10A/1m/Banana plug - Y termina...
  • IT-E30312-YY (Optional)
    30A/1.2m/Y terminal, a pair of...
  • IT-E30320-YY (Optional)
    30A/2m/Y terminal, a pair of r...
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