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IT7200 Series Programmable AC/DC Power Supply

IT7200 series programmable AC/DC power supplies are designed to provide cost-effective testing solutions for R&D, production and laboratories. It is a bench top unit as well as a rack mounted one. It is only in a 2U half rack, but the max. power can output 300VA or 600VA. Its built-in USB/LAN interface allows for easy ATE integration and remote monitoring of data without additional costs. IT7200AC/DC power supply has powerful waveform editing and simulation functions and full protection. Through functions such as LIST, waveform customization or harmonic simulation, it can simulate various power grid disturbance waveforms. For example, voltage sag, short-term power failure, and IEC61000-4-11 regulatory standard waveform. The product is widely used in testing of small home appliances, industrial IoT, power modules, power tools, etc.

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300Vac L-N
U:±(0.25%+0.25%×F.S.);I:±(0.25% +0.25%×F.S.)
Standard USB/LAN
1/2 2U
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* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Product Features

2U half rack compact design, suitable for both bench top and ATE integration
300Vac L-N rated output, 45Hz-500Hz
Built-in AC power meter and up to 50th harmonic analysis capability
Built-in rich waveforms: Sine/Square/Triangle/Sawtooth/Clip sine
Up to 50th order harmonic simulation function
Output modes: AC, DC, AC+DC
Rich waveform editing functions: LIST/Surge&Trap/User-defined
Built-in rich waveform database, including 30 harmonic distortion waveforms
The start/stop phase angle of the output waveform can be set
Standard USB/LAN interface
Free Demo software

Functions and Advantages


R&D, verification and testing of small power supply manufacturing
Low-power home appliance PCB board power supply test
Industrial low-power AC servo motor testing
Testing of connectors, protection switches and other devices
Production and process control
Power IC device aging test
Automatic test system

AC, DC, AC+DC output

The IT7200 series can realize various output modes of AC, DC, and AC+DC. It not only provides pure AC/DC output, but also provides AC+DCoutput mode to test the DC bias component, which covers more applications.


IT7200 series has surge/notch simulation function. In addition to outputting sine waves, you can also use Surge/Trap waveforms to simulateabnormal voltage fluctuations in the circuit to test the performance of the DUT under this condition.

Built-in rich waveforms

IT7200 series has built-in user-defined waveforms such as square, saw, triangle and so on . There are 30 built-in distortion waveforms for youto edit and recall. They can be used as basic waveforms and recalled during list programming.

Built-in 30 harmonic distortion waveforms

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