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ITS9500 Power Supply Test System

ITS9500power supply test system is a convenient,practical and cost-efficient testingsystem,it designed for switching power supply test.The standard 5U unitintegrates electronic loads,programmable AC power supplies,programmable DCpower supplies,noise analyzers,timeing analyzers,digital electricmeters,oscilloscope,I/O card and other instruments, ITS9500 can be installed onthe counter top or inside a standard cabinet. The system provides 80 test itemsand through the powerful automatic test software of ITS9500, users can selecttest items based on the charscteristics of the DUT to easily complete the testprocess. ITS9500 can be widely applied for testing AC and DC power supply, power converters,chargers, car charger and other products of the test.

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Product Features


♦ Standard 5U unit integrates DSO, electronic loads,programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies,noise analyzers,timeing analyzers, digital electric meters,oscilloscope,I/O 

   card and other instruments, ITS9500 can be installed on the counter top or inside a standard cabinet.                                          
 Best cost-effective unit                                                                                             
 Modular design for easy maintenance                                                                    
 Over 80 test items                                                                                                   
 Simultaneous operation of 8 systems at maximum                                                
♦ A power supply unit which can test several single outputs at one time                    
 Test program management/editing function                                                            
 Statistic report output/editing function                                                                       
 Multi-level authority setting function                                                                           
 User authority setting    
♦ System accesses record                                                                                         
♦ Bar Code Reader supported by the software                                                              
 Optional external fixture for improving test speed                                                       
 Meet the ENERGY STAR measurement specification

Functions and Advantages

Modular design for easy maintenance                                                                    

ITS9500 power supply test system adopts traditional modular design,forming an easy,and multi-functional power supply test platform. This facilitates future inspection and maintenance,and reduces the influence on the production line.

Easy operation and clear result display

ITS9500 test system, working together with teh test system, can realize such functions as editing, operation,test, and data analysis of power test items.
 The operation interface od thesoftware is simple and clean with five distinctive modules, and even users without programming ability can master the operation easily
 The status of final test results, which is PASS or FAULT, will be highlighted on the interface to ensure a fast and accurate view for operators.

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