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Automotive Junction Box Test System

Automotive junction box (automotive electrical central controller) integrates the whole car's fuse, circuit breaker, relay and so on. It is the vehicle electronic circuit control center. ITECH automotive junction box test system is established by high performance programmable electronic load, power supply and speical-designed IT9360 software.


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Product Features

System test items

♦ Long time working stability
♦ Relay life test
♦ Fuse test
♦ Temperature monitor and fault alarm
♦ Other performance index

Functions and Advantages

Test solution advantage

 Structure: Modular design, easy to move and disassemble. When one channel fails, will not affect the operation of the system
♦  Heat dissipation: Intelligent fan, good heat dissipation and low noise
♦ Function: High level automation
♦ Communication: Remote control via the computer, easy to show test results,reduce labor cost

System test items

 Long time working stability
 Relay life test
♦  Fuse test
♦ Temperature monitor and fault alarm
♦ Other performance index

In addition to these test items, this test solution also provides powerful software
Editable relay on-off timing
Editable load current and run timing. Such as editing a cycle (load 5A on 5s off 10s), and then set the running time of such cycles
When failure occurs for one channel, fault alarm will be shown on software interface.
The failured channel stops running, and other channels continue running
Each channel name can be edited, such as channel DUT is wiper, channel name is wiper
Software operation interface displays voltage, current,temperature,run time,running status,load status,I/O status,and so on
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