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Charging Station / Car Charger Test Solution
Charging stations and car charger play important roles for the popularity of new energy vehicles. As a leading test and measurement solution supplier in the field of new energy, ITECH offers professional charging station / car charger test solution, fully meets the testing needs of different types of car charger, and simplifies operation.The test solution is with unique and important function.
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Product Features

AC Charging Station Test Solution

AC charging station outputs AC and is converted to DC by on-board charger to charge the electric vehicle battery.

Test Items

DC Charging Station Test Solution

As a fast-charging product, DC Charging station has high output power and voltage, so only high power and high
voltage DC load can satisfy its testing demand.

Test Items

Functions and Advantages

Modular design, customized auto-test system
 High-power electronic load can reach up to 600kW, fully meet test requirements of high-power DC charging station
Built-in standard test items
Compatible with multiple protocols for charging station, applicable to chargers with different communication protocol
Fill-in-blank user interface, no need programming ability
Customized test report

Options & Accessories
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