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PV/Energy Storage

IIn recent years, as the energy crisis intensifies, renewable energy represented by solar, wind has been developing rapidly.ITECH provides products and solutions for the PV and energy storage test, such as solar modules/arrays, micro-inverters (DC-AC), energy storage batteries, energy storage converters, off-grid/grid-connected PV inverters, household energy storage devices, outdoor emergency energy storage power supply,etc. ITECH offers a wide range of high power density testing products and equipment, including PV simulators (up to 2250V/2MW), grid simulators (3U 15kVA, 960kVAmax), battery simulators, energy storage battery test system ITS5300, regenerative AC electronic load IT8200. Users can easily realize energy storage battery life test, hardware-in-the-loop simulation test, MPPT efficiency test, grid-connection adaptability test, and household device conversion efficiency test.
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